Semester I

Economics (H) Sem I

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Video Lectures are available for Introductory Micro Economics And Mathematical Methods for Economics I


Demo Lectures for MME

Difference Equations                          Limits

Demo Lectures for Micro

Cost of Taxation                                Long Run Average Cost

Budget Constraint                             Indifference Curve


Mathematical Methods for Economics
 S. No.     Chapter    Number of Lectures
1.      Inequalities   1 Lecture 
2.      Logic and Proofs   2 Lectures 
3.      Mathematical Induction   1 Lecture 
4.      Cartesian Geometry   2 Lectures 
5.      Functions   10 Lectures 
6.      Limits and Continuity   9 Lectures 
7.      Simple Differentiation   3 Lectures 
8.      Applications of Derivatives   16 Lectures 
9.      Integration   3 Lectures 
10.      Difference Equations   1 Lecture 


Introductory Micro Economics

 S. No.  Chapter  Number of Lectures
1.  Subject Matter of Economics  
2.  The Market Forces of Supply and Demand   3 Lectures (Covers Chapter 4 of Readings)
3.  Elasticity and Its Applications   3 Lectures (Covers Chapter 5 of Readings)
4.  Supply, Demand and Government Policies   3 Lectures (Covers Chapter 6 of Readings)
5.  Consumers, Producers & Efficiency of Markets   2 Lectures (Covers Chapter 7 of Readings)
6.  Applications : The Cost of Taxation   2 Lectures (Covers Chapter 8 of Readings)
7.  The Theory of Consumer Choice   3 Lectures (Covers Chapter 21 of Readings)
8.  The Costs of Production   7 Lectures (Covers Chapter 13 of Readings)
9.  Firms in Competitive Markets   3 Lectures (Covers Chapter 14 of Readings)
10.  Monopoly   2 Lectures (Covers Chapter 15 of Readings)
11.  The Markets for the Factors of Production   4 Lectures (Covers Chapter 18 of Readings)


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